About Client Money Protect

Client Money Protect (CMP) is a client money protection Membership designed to protect client money held by Property Agents and Professionals. The Member’s clients are protected in the event that the Member misappropriates the client money held in the course of running their business.

Our Members and consumers will both benefit from our simple Membership and claim processes.

All Property Agents and Professionals can apply to become Members. The application process requires the completion or an application form and a client money questionnaire. Provided the applicant passes both and pays the Membership fee they can then become a Member. There is an annual renewal.

There is a three stage process for the Member’s clients to make a claim to CMP:

  1. They must be owed money by the Member.
  2. They must have reported the theft of the client money to the police.
  3. They must complete the CMP claim form.

If CMP are satisfied there has been a theft of the client money then CMP will reimburse the client. The limits are £500,000 per Member and £25,000 per individual.

Our Credentials

Client Money Protect is a trading name of CM Protect Limited.
CM Protect Limited is a subsidiary of and an Introducer Appointed Representative of HFIS plc. who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

HFIS PLC is the scheme administrator for the my|deposits tenancy deposit protection scheme. As scheme administrator, HFIS PLC has experience of dealing with over 45,000 dispute notifications and 38,000 dispute adjudications since April 2007.

A subsidiary of HFIS PLC is HF Resolution Limited and the Property Redress Scheme which is a government authorised consumer redress scheme for Property Agents and Professionals.

HFIS PLC has extensive knowledge of the UK property sector with a range of products including:


CMP provides the client money protection for UKALA members.